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Built-in CRM or 3rd Party Connections

SharpSpring is a very powerful marketing automation tool, but one feature that makes SharpSpring stand out is it also has a built in CRM (Client Relationship Manager) with its own set of very useful sales features.

How could this get any better? The CRM tools are included in the already low software price!  Still, if you prefer to use your own, SharpSpring offers a variety of connectors.


Smart Mail

Schedule one-to-one personalized follow up emails from your sales team.

Custom Deal Stages

Create custom deal stages to track the progress of an opportunity from the beginning to the end of the sales cycle.

Bird’s Eye Pipeline

Move opportunities across deal stages with a simple drag-and-drop interface to track the sales cycle from beginning to end.

Social Notes

Social notes make collaboration simple. “Mark as Read”, avatars and a conversation timeline foster effective internal communication.


Quickly create a reminder from any page in the app to never miss a beat. Attach reminders to opportunities and contacts for an efficiency boost.

Lead Scoring with Decay

Score leads based on engagement, page tracking, fit and completeness of information. Set Decay to decrease scores during inactive periods.

Life of a Lead

Life of a Lead combines tracking, automation and email to display a timeline of significant events for each contact.


CRM Reports provide all the information you need to measure your current sales success and accurately forecast future performance. Pipeline, Conversion, Activity and Projection are a few of the interactive reports in CRM.

A Full Marketing Automation Platform

All of the CRM features SharpSpring has to offer already makes it a great tool. To pile even more on top of the CRM and low cost, SharpSpring is a powerful All-in-One Marketing Automation platform. With one tool, you can develop a deep relationship with your prospects. Sending them the exact information they need at the exact time they are looking for it.

Marketing with SharpSprings CRM & marketing automation allows you to forge rich relationships, and by developing a deep connection with your customers, your business will be discovered by more leads, driving sales and perhaps ROI. For the first time, your business will have the resources to connect with each customer on a one-on-one basis.


Email Automation

Send emails with triggers and build personal relationships with leads.

Dynamic Forms

Capture more leads with forms designed to convert and report, built right into your website.

Dynamic Web Content

Close more sales with content that grows with your leads.


Triple your leads by identifying anonymous traffic.

Social Media Management

Publish, listen, and track campaigns with fully integrated social media tools.

A/B Testing

Test email variables head-to-head to see exactly what works the best.

Behavior Tracking

Understand your leads to create one-on-one communication.

Campaign Optimization

Eliminate waste and identify opportunities.

Priced better than the competition

The Self Contractor

The most basic package we offer and the one of the most affordable CRM & marketing automation combinations on the market. The ‘Self Contractor’ is meant for those who just need the tools to manage their clients and set up marketing automation. Get your instance of SharpSpring and dive in yourself or hand it off to your team to start improving your digital marketing and increasing your ROI.

This package includes:

  • Monthly CRM + Marketing Automation License
  • Optional training package
  • NO setup fee
  • Cancel at any time

The Partial Assist

The ‘Partial Assist’ is meant for those who are ready to handle most of the work, but may need help in certain areas. This package gives you all the tools you’ll need to bring your marketing to the next level, and we’ll be here to help every step of the way. It could just be a time issue, you and your team are already busy running a business. Perhaps you have a marketing staff, but are in need of design or coding help. Whatever the situation be, we are ready to help fill the gaps.

This package includes:

  • Monthly CRM + Marketing Automation License
  • 2 hours a month of support (consulting, design, coding, building, anything)
  • NO setup fee
  • Cancel at any time

The Full Department

The ‘Full Department’ gives you the full power and potential of a professional marketing automation team.  You have access to our marketing strategists, designers, coders, and SharpSpring support staff. If you know you need to launch your CRM & marketing automation to bring your business further, but can’t hire all the staff needed or just don’t have the time to learn it all, then this is the package for you. The best part is, you are getting all the software and a full team for a fraction of the cost of one full-time employee.

This package includes:

  • Monthly CRM + Marketing Automation License
  • 10 hours of support per month
  • Access to strategy, designers, coders
  • Access to SharpSpring support
  • NO setup fee
  • Cancel at any time

Still not sure what CRM & Marketing Automation to go with?

If you are still shopping around and having trouble deciding, we have experience in multiple platforms. TTPM is in the unique position to work with multiple businesses using different software, which has allowed us to see when certain types do or don’t work for their business models.

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