Choosing Marketing Automation for your CRM

Choosing the Right Marketing Automation Software

Is all marketing automation software equal?

Choosing the right software isn’t always easy and buying them all to test isn’t really an option.  They all state similar features and functionalities, so how do you know which one will work best for your company?  To The Point Marketing Agency specializes in CRM & marketing automation, which has allowed us to get our hands on, work with, and partner with multiple marketing automation software companies.

How can this help you?

Our agency specialization puts us in a unique position to offer an unbiased inside look to using popular marketing automation platforms like SharpSpring, Salesforce Pardot, Act-on, Marketo, and Hubspot. Since we work with all these companies but are not specifically tied to one, we get to pass on our knowledge to help businesses pick the software that best suits their needs.

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Already running on Salesforce?

If your company is already heavily embedded in the Salesforce Sales Cloud, Pardot is always a strong option due to its smooth syncing.

Luckily, this doesn’t significantly limit your options as most marketing automation software offer connector options to a number of different CRM platforms. Talk to us about your needs and we can help guide you towards the best software for your specific needs.

'You're the marketing automation experts, what did you choose?'

We have played with more marketing automation software than your average company, so what did we decide to keep using? Here at TTPM, we are using multiple marketing automation tools.

Yes, we know it’s strange to have two, but we are addicted to them.


Unsurprisingly, SharpSpring is one of the fasted-growing marketing automation platformsIn addition to offering its own CRM, SharpSpring also has the ability to to sync with Salesforce for those who want an all-in-one package. It boasts a full suite of marketing automation features that are quite intuitive and easy to use.  On top of all of that, SharpSpring offers more affordable entry points.  If you have’t heard much about SharpSpring itself it may be due to the fact that they market mainly to agencies like us and then we provide the software to you.


As a company, we use Salesforce, and as mentioned above, the syncing between Pardot and Salesforce is hard to beat. Pardot is also heavily geared towards B2B marketing, which suits the majority of our marketing needs. One downside we found is that Pardot support can be hard to reach for customers, but luckily we are here to fill that gap.

Migrating to Pardot from another MA system?

Have you already tried a marketing automation system and decided it’s time to switch to Pardot? If so, you are not alone! Learn more about migrations between marketing automation platforms and see how we can help.

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