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Get the most out of your Pardot marketing with support from our Certified Pardot Consultants

Pardot is a powerful marketing automation tool, with countless features available to maximize your marketing automation success. Therefore, it can require extensive expertise to be able to leverage all of these features. All too often, we see clients using one or two advanced features of Pardot, but failing to squeeze out all the potential that we know Pardot can offer.

TTPM provides Pardot support and training from Certified Pardot Consultants, to help build adaptable, dynamic email automations to engage and capture prospects within Pardot & Salesforce systems.

Our Pardot Consultants provide support & training for:

  • Pardot Drip Campaigns
  • Pardot Dynamic & Static List Building
  • Pardot Automation Rules
  • Pardot Scoring & Grading
  • Pardot Responsive Email & Landing Page Templates
  • Pardot Email Preference Centers
  • Pardot Forms & Form Handlers
  • Re-Engagement Automation Programs
  • Advanced Dynamic Content & Variable Tags
  • Prospect Data Management & Cleanup
  • Pardot & Salesforce Integrations
  • Syncing Troubleshooting

We have been doing this long enough to know that every company we work with is unique and may need a different level of Pardot support. That’s why TTPM offers various levels of Pardot assistance, our clients may choose and customize the support that best suits their needs.

No obligation, 15-minute discovery call, with a certified Pardot expert

I had the privilege of working with the To The Point Marketing team on our company's 1st salesforce CRM campaign. They were instrumental in providing us with the knowledge in properly setting up our campaign, as well as providing support through the initial launch. We were so pleased with their expertise and responsiveness, that we partnered with them to manage our entire Salesforce platform. It's rare to find an agency that provides their level of support at a cost effective budget. I would highly recommend any team work with TTPM to help optimize and launch their Salesforce campaigns!

Nima Moayer

We provided Pardot support for companies at all stages of their marketing automation journeys. Your company may still be shopping for the correct solution and comparing Pardot to another system, like Act-On. Or you may already have Pardot implemented and are wondering what to do next. Our Pardot consultants can even help optimize and manage your advanced Pardot setup, whether it has been running for two days or two years.

TTPM can function as your Pardot Knowledge Base or be in the action; designing, creating, and managing all aspects of your Pardot instance. If you’re looking to optimize your Pardot implementation and leverage all of its powerful marketing features, start the conversation by contacting us.

Salesforce Pardot Starting Packages

Open-Ended Consulting Hours

Some organizations just need consulting hours to help them manage their Pardot software.  If so, you’re in the right place! Whether it’s operational, strategic, or training — we can help.  We will assist in cleaning up chaos, upgrading your templates, showing you how to take advantage of advanced features, and help come up with great new marketing ideas. We are also able to simply provide a skilled set of helping hands.

Pardot Optimization Package

TTPM will conduct a full audit of your current MA system, reviewing all settings, assets, designs, and functionalities of your system against marketing automation best practices. Throughout the audit, TTPM will record their findings to publish in a report as a deliverable for the client.  This report will break the MA system down into easy, digestible categories. Each category will be rated on a scale from 1-3, with items rated as 1 being the most important fixes or suggestions.

On-Site Consulting & Training Session

Our team will schedule pre-engagement phone discovery sessions prior to the onsite training to create a detailed agenda that fulfills your expectations for a successful engagement.  Some of the topics and deliverables which may be important to you have been listed as an example, as are our recommendations for a successful conclusion.


Migrating to Pardot from another MA system?

Have you already tried a marketing automation system and decided it’s time to switch to Pardot? If so, you are not alone! Learn more about migration between marketing automation platforms and see how we can help.

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